EARN$ Update — New Logo, NFT Drop, and More!


Hey there! It’s been a while since our last Medium update so here’s a quick update on what has happened since:

  • The XYX -> EARN$ swap was successful! Over 91% of XYX holders swapped their tokens to EARN$.
  • The EARN$ community conducted a presale and raised 79 ETH.
  • EARN$ was listed on Uniswap.
  • All of the Uniswap liquidity provider tokens and team tokens were burned forever shortly after listing.
  • EARN$ was listed on CoinGecko, CoinPaprika, and Blockfolio.
  • EARN$’s new temporary website was launched.
  • EARN$ launched an initial marketing campaign to spread the word about the project.
  • EARN$ reached over +$1M total volume on Uniswap.

As you can see, a lot has happened since our last Medium update. The community successfully saved the project and has obtained some major milestones since then.

However, EARN$ is just getting started.

Our soon-to-be-released roadmap will highlight the goals you can expect us to achieve within 2021.

We also have some wonderful things you can expect in the near future packed in this article!

New Logo

Our designer’s personal choice. This is one of several logo concepts we’ll be voting on early next week.

As promised, we have an updated logo for the community to decide upon. The design firm we are working with has provided us with several concepts. This new logo will play a major role in our branding. Your vote matters!

1st NFT Drop

Our very first NFT drop for EARN$ holders 😍

Our very first NFT drop will be sent within the new few days to EARN$ holders who:

  1. Have at least 500 EARN$ tokens
  2. Have held EARN$ tokens since our listing day on Uniswap
  3. Have not sold any EARN$ tokens since our listing day on Uniswap

The NFT is titled “Diamond Hands” and is our first edition of the Diamond Hands set. It was designed by a talented pixel artist.

The title is very fitting for the piece as only EARN$ holders with diamond hands would have held since our listing day on Uniswap. If you sold even a fraction of an EARN$ token you do not qualify to receive this NFT.

The NFT will be available on OpenSea to purchase. Even if you weren’t lucky enough to receive this NFT, you could still purchase it!

Dev Team

We’re pleased to announce our design and website development team, Qream!

Qream is a digital design agency that creates brands, websites, and apps.

Their main goal is to make the world a better place for people through user research, graphic design, UI/UX and web development.

Qream’s clients range from cool startups like EARN$ to large businesses including Klitschko Foundation, Fairo by Raiffeisen Bank, and Viber.

We are very excited to be working with them and hope you feel the same way!

Our core development team will be announced next week. They are handling the Backend (Solidity, Web3, Layer 2 integrations, etc) and the Frontend for us. We are very excited to introduce them to you soon!

A Special Surprise🎉

Last but not least, we’d like to share some more details on the special surprise we hinted at in our tweet earlier this week.

We’re proud to announce that we’ve lined up our first potential investment for the EARN$ DAO.

This trusted project is likely to launch as soon as next week and if we decide to pursue this opportunity, you will receive a portion of their tokens based on how much we invest and how many EARN$ tokens you hold.

If we invest $10k into the project and you hold 5% of EARN$’s supply, you will receive $400-$500 worth of tokens by just holding EARN$.

The community will have to vote to approve this action, but it is quite an opportunity to take a major step in the direction of our goals!

That’s all for now.

Stay tuned for future updates on our Telegram.

Until next time!

EARN Details

Website: https://earnnetwork.io

Telegram: https://t.me/earnnetwork

Twitter: https://twitter.com/0xEarn

Etherscan: 0x31e92324ef7185c65dd4d154cfa4f6326b489c55

Uniswap: 0x31e92324ef7185c65dD4D154Cfa4F6326b489C55

Dextools: 0x86d330e94d1339b283316ea2c151a4dbb1b8da6f

CoinGecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/earn-network

All Liquidity Provider Tokens Burned: 0xd902a0438fcaab4c40d132a96eb707caefa2a8f2c5f0ad00d0ce063263518564

All Team Tokens Burned: 0xaf99f1fe1ba57305054420b4ef3fcf69bdef0856f2b5f9a31ee7cc593dbbedb9

EARN (formerly known as XYX) is a decentralized and deflationary passive income protocol built on Ethereum.